What is the Nordic-US Food Summit?

It's a platform to bridge startups, investors, and industry leaders from the Nordics and Silicon Valley devoted to building a sustainable food system during a 3-day summit. The summit is a collaboration between Business Sweden, SACC-SF/SV, Business Finland, Business Iceland, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and Björn Öste, founder of Oatly.

Why did we create this summit?

The market for sustainable food and ag solutions is booming with investors actively seeking to fund startups with sustainable missions. And after Oatly's impressive IPO in May, U.S. food investors are specifically on the hunt for the next generation of Nordic food startups! We created this summit to help facilitate these investor connections and to highlight the latest food innovation coming out of the Nordics with the potential to scale globally. 

Who should attend the summit?

The summit is primarily designed to connect Nordic food and ag startups seeking capital and expansion support with U.S. investors and industry resources. That said, anyone active in the sustainable food space interested in connecting with like-minded startups, investors, and industry leaders across the Atlantic can join. In fact, we've created four different particiation options so that anyone who's interested in joining has the opportunity to do so!

What's the purpose of the summit?

Our goal for the summit is to connect great Nordic startups with the capital and resources they need to scale their amazing innovation across the U.S. and beyond! And for U.S. investors, we aim to make introductions to fantastic investment opportunities (and hopefully the next Oatly)! Lastly, we hope to inspire companies, policy makers, and students to collectively work towards a more sustainable food system globally.