The Nordic Center, UC Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley aims to establish The Nordic Center at UC Berkeley to serve as a vibrant interdisciplinary platform that brings the Nordics to UC Berkeley and UC Berkeley to the Nordics.

The Nordic Center will foster dialogue, support exchanges, spark research, enable shared understandings, inform policies and practices, and further elevate the profile and global interest in the Nordics.

Why the Nordic Center?
The Nordic region demonstrates among the comparatively highest levels of prosperity, democracy, equality, and sustainability performances in the world. The Nordic Center will serve as a platform for inquiry into the Nordic experiences - assessing successes and challenges alike - past, present, and future. UC Berkeley is a public university with an unmatched capacity to bring world-class researchers from across virtually every field of inquiry whereby the Nordic Center efficiently directs the attention of UC Berkeley in a cross-disciplinary manner toward the Nordics while building mutually beneficial collaborations.

​​​​​​​Furthermore, California represents unique testing grounds open to experimentation whereby Nordic-inspired ideas may be tested in California, the results of which may affect change across the United States and beyond. Ultimately, the Nordic Center will bring the Nordics and UC Berkeley together in a collaborative spirit to address our most pressing common global challenges like those represented by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Call to action
UC Berkeley seeks to identify a suite of founding members and secure the financial resources necessary to establish and launch a vibrant Nordic Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

Dr. Robert Strand
[email protected]