West Wines

Katarina Bonde and Bengt Akerlind came from Sweden to Seattle in 1992 and then moved south to Healdsburg, CA where they found their passion in this beautiful wine country.

"With our European heritage, we grew up with French wines all around and are now lucky to be growing our own grapes in the fantastic soils of Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma County. The various micro climates in this long and narrow valley give us a cool climate for crisp white grapes in the south end of the valley and a warmer climate up to 300 feet in the north end.

We started growing grapes and slowly moved into winemaking. Our wines can be found both in the US and in restaurants in our native Sweden. We were very proud when our Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve was chosen to be served at the Nobel awards banquet in December 2010.

Come and see us in the tasting room and we will tell you more...."

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